1. Know the center of the world, Times Square

The first thing you have to do in New York is drop your bags at the hotel and set foot in Times Square. It is considered the center of the world, since it is the most important point in the city and where the entire globe sets its eyes. If you visit it at dusk, the better, its lights stand out more. We’ve all seen it in the movies, but being there in person surrounded by lights and people is an incredible experience.

2. Go out on the screens of Times Square, something very curious to do in New York

Oddly enough, you can do it. The easiest thing is to go out in the American Eagle (the largest) or in the Revlon, where they take a picture of those who are looking at it . In the case of the first, you have to enter the store and ask. There they will take your photo, they will ask you for the name you want to appear, and in return you will have to leave them your email so that they can bombard you with advertising. Let’s say it’s almost free, you can always put an email you don’t use or unsubscribe from the newsletter.

3. See the city from the top by climbing the Empire State Building or the Top of the Rock , something essential to do in New York

They are the two viewpoints par excellence of the city. From both you have spectacular views of New York and the price is the same. If you want to know more information, we leave you a post dedicated to the best viewpoints so you can discover which are the best views of New York. Even if you don’t think about it, going up to both is an essential thing to do in New York.

4. Or also from the One World Observatory

Another essential activity to do in New York is to go up to the One World Observatory and be amazed by its views. It is the newest viewpoint in New York and also the highest. It is located in the Freedom Tower, the building that was built in the World Trade Center after the September 11 attacks. The sixth tallest skyscraper in the world offers spectacular views of Downtown, the East River and Brooklyn.

5. See a musical on Broadway

Not understanding 100% English is no excuse. Just for the sets, costumes, and staging, it’s an impressive thing to do in New York. Tickets are expensive, but worth it. Broadway’s most spectacular musical is The Lion King .

6. Seek quiet at the New York Public Library

Isolating yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city with a reading time at the New York Public Library is a great option . It has over 3 million books to browse and an impressive reading room. An essential stop to do in New York to isolate yourself for a while from the chaos outside.

7. Take the free ferry to Staten Island, a good plan to do in New York at sunset

It’s great if you want to get a little closer to the Statue of Liberty without paying a dollar. Don’t expect to see the statue up close , but the tour is fine if you don’t have time to do the full tour of Liberty Island. The ferry is caught at South Ferry Terminal, south of Manhattan.

8. Get to know the Statue of Liberty, a symbol to see in New York

There are few attractions in the city more famous than the beloved Lady Liberty . Brought from France as a gift, it is one of the most visited landmarks in New York . It is very important that you buy your ticket in advance. We advise you to buy it to go up to its viewpoint (in the crown). The price is $21.50. 

9. Hallucinate with a gospel mass in the Harlem neighborhood, a different plan to do in New York

They are organized on Wednesday and Sunday mornings and it is advisable to arrive at the church a little earlier to secure a place. There are few things to do in New York as authentic as attending one of these masses. A good morning positivity lesson. It is important that you are well dressed and that you sit in the back of the church . Masses usually last 2 hours.

10. Stroll through the High Line , a very original park

This elevated park is built on an old train track. Even if it doesn’t sell much, your visit is a must . We advise you to go south, that is, to end up in the beautiful Meatpacking District. As you walk, the views of the city are spectacular. If you want to explore the city without discomfort then I would suggest to book Greyhound bus. it will make easy and comfortable to visit one place to another .