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These are the nicest coastal towns in Belgium

As we have now accepted, we will most likely have to stay in or close to the Netherlands next summer . And that's not as bad as...

The 3 most beautiful cities for your city trip to Italy

Italy is the land of large ice cream scoops, beautiful designs, coffee, pasta, pizza and the Pope. If you want to stroll through ancient streets,...

10 important things to pack for your trip to Bali, Indonesia

The large paradise island, Bali, in Indonesia is among the most popular destinations for Danes.  Bali is also among our absolute favorites! A trip to...

Fish that doesn’t smell

In recent years, the demand for fish substitutes has increased enormously and these products are starting to gain in popularity. In addition to the use of...

The Top 10 Things to Do in Istanbul

Discover the sights of Istanbul? On the map it is immediately noticeable that this city is located on two continents. Even on a map the vast...

My Top Tips For Solo Travel In France

One of the great joys of travelling is the opportunity to stretch and challenge yourself. It also gives you a sense of freedom and...
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The highlights of Canada

Canada is a perfect holiday destination for lovers of rugged nature, winter sports and special flora and fauna. The North American country is the second...


Who has never dreamed of going on a safari in Kenya , Tanzania, Mozambique...? Is there an animal lover who hasn't thought of making a trip to...

Hiking in the Sierra Nevada; these are the best tips!

Almost everyone has heard of it: the Sierra Nevada mountains in southern Spain. This breathtaking area is located in the largest National Park in the...

Adventure Vacations: 5 Countries You Should Visit

The relaxed sun, sea and beach holiday is not for everyone. After all those months of saving, there are plenty of people who would rather...

These are the 5 most unique airports in the world

A vacation or business trip usually starts and ends at an airport. Many people are used to boring airports where they actually want to leave...

10 things to do in New York

1. Know the center of the world, Times Square The first thing you have to do in New York is drop your bags at the...

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