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The perfect wine tour of Italy!

Are you a wine lover looking for an original and unforgettable holiday? Then a wine holiday in Italy is really something for you. Waking up in...

Florence: 5 things not to miss

Romantic, enchanting and absolutely irresistible. Get to know the birthplace of the Renaissance: Florence. A place where you can enjoy gourmet Tuscan cuisine and the most...

The 5 nicest neighborhoods in Cape Town!

Cape Town is an immense city that consists of many neighborhoods, so how do you know which neighborhoods are the nicest? Here are a few...

Temples and technology: 3 days in Taipei

Taiwan's capital Taipei is often overlooked in favor of other modern Asian cities such as Tokyo , Seoul, Hong Kong and Singapore . Before we even visited the city...

Discover Chile

Chile is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for a long vacation or backpacking trip. The country in South America has a lot to offer. The nature is...

Zanzibar: more than just a place to relax

Zanzibar is a tropical island east of Africa, belonging to Tanzania. Many will immediately dream of Zanzibar and think of paradise beaches, tropical temperatures and...

How to take great holiday photos!

Holidays are prime time for photography, and with these simple tips in your suitcase, you're guaranteed some fantastic holiday memories! Today's smartphones have turned us...

Hiking equipment – Guide to buying hiking equipment

Hiking is more popular than ever before - and a good hike often requires the right hiking equipment . With the recent development of coronavirus in Denmark, it is...

Top 8 – This is a must see and do in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country of extremes. You can ski, view geysers, but also sunbathe on beautiful beaches. In addition, there are interesting cities and you...

5 tips for your holiday to Monaco

While Monaco may only make you think of a destination for wealthy people, it is much more than that. There is plenty to see and...

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