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10 ideas to organize your board game space at home

Nowadays, board games have become very popular and more and more people collect and enjoy them in their homes. However, organizing and keeping all...

Help with energy poverty: how to reduce energy bills

We all notice that energy prices are rising; gas in particular has become considerably more expensive. This increasingly leads to energy poverty: people who can no...

Wedding invitations

There has gradually been a little more control over the wedding, which should probably also be the case at the moment, because before we...

The perfect Hangover kit

Hangover kit may be a bit American, but we have gradually taken some of the American traditions with us, so why not go all-in...

Funny Situations And Dark Comics With Unexpected Twists

Comics MadBytio is a very effective storyteller. They only need 4 panels to express an idea. However, the simplicity of this form does not...

Cakes in the fight against food waste

Nijmegen is perhaps the most sustainable and social confectionery in the Netherlands. Pumpkins too small for sale? Or carrot tips left over from the prepackaged carrots? Jeanne,...

A day out alone, these are 5 fun things to do!

A day out alone got divorced last year and since January I have been living with Sketch temporarily with my father. The past six months...

8x sustainable beach houses

Sustainable beach houses in the Netherlands Do you want to step onto the beach directly from your house? That is possible with a stay in these...

5 Tips for Christmas Gifts That Really Suit People!

Christmas gifts that really suit people! Make lists and pick out gifts. Every year we make frantic attempts to come out as original as possible and...

Drinking while losing weight ; 5 drinks that can and can’t!

You can drink unlimited water while losing weight You can drink unlimited water because it contains no calories. You don't have to overdo it by drinking...

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