Some go to the same country every year, or sometimes even to the same destination. To make it really easy, some even go to the same campsite every year. That offers a lot of advantages. You know exactly where you are going, what to expect and what there is to do and what not to do. But it can also be a bit boring sometimes, going to the same destination every year.

But choosing a new destination every year can also be a challenge. To make it a little easier for you, we have listed 5 nice ideas. Five fun and beautiful destinations or ideas to do during your next vacation.

1. Camping in France

Camping in France

France is a wonderful holiday country for young and old. Winding rivers, azure blue sea, charming cities and last but not least good food. A campsite in France – in Brittany, the Tarn or the French Alps, for example – is a budget-friendly option for a great summer holiday with the family. You can travel on spec through different parts of the country or make a campsite in the south of France your new home for a few weeks. Do you want something different? Then consider the rugged island of Corsica, also known as ‘the island of beauty’. This relatively unknown destination is a gem for both outdoor and beach lovers.

2. A bike ride through the Netherlands

A bike ride through the Netherlands

Do you want to stay close to home and enjoy sports activities? Then a cycling holiday might be something for your family. It may not sound sexy, but you see so much more on a bike. Moreover, the Netherlands has plenty of nice campsites with a swimming pool, playground or in-house entertainment. A cycling holiday is also cheap, environmentally friendly and healthy. How well do you really know your own country? Have you ever walked? Seen the heather in bloom on the Drenthse Aa or played farmer’s golf?

3. City trips in Europe

City trips in Europe

Do you prefer a short vacation? A city trip to Berlin, Paris or London is also great fun for the children. Go canoeing on the River Spree, shop on the Champs-Elysees or catch a musical at Picadilly Circus. Cities in Southern and Eastern Europe are usually cheaper and certainly no less interesting. Ever heard of Plovdiv, Bulgaria with its ancient theater; or the cute Montserrat in northern Spain, where human towers are regularly built? Of course you can also plan a city trip during your car tour or beach holiday.

4. Rent a holiday home

Tips for buying a holiday home

Nowadays there are more and more holiday homes online, which you can rent for a few nights or even a month. Do you want to experience an unforgettable family holiday with your best friends, your parents or sister-in-law? On the internet you will find the best deals on beautiful accommodations in Spain, Portugal and Croatia. You don’t have to miss the luxury of home, you have plenty of space and your children can go their own way. How wonderful would it be to live in a house with a swimming pool and sauna for a month?

5. On safari in Africa

Do you have an anniversary to celebrate, had a super good year and do you really want something special with your partner and children? Then go on safari in Tanzania , Kenya or Uganda. Look for the Big Five, camp under the stars and prepare your own food over a campfire. Of course you don’t have to go to the other side of the world for real adventure, but Africa certainly has something magical!