The relaxed sun, sea and beach holiday is not for everyone. After all those months of saving, there are plenty of people who would rather really go on an adventure. A safari in Namibia , long treks through wild Ireland or climbing the highest mountains in Europe. But what are the most interesting adventure holidays that our beautiful world has to offer?

1. Vacationing in Canada

Let’s start with a Canada vacation . This beautiful country has a lot to offer. You can cover considerable distances; everything that looks like a small piece on the map is often hours of travel. The country is so big that you can find different climates, and therefore all kinds of nature. You will find a polar climate in the north, for example, and a mountain climate in the Rockies . From glaciers to high mountains, Canada has it all. All you have to do is choose which adventure you want to take on this vacation!

2. On holiday to Peru

Are you also completely fascinated by the legends of the Incas? Then a trek through Peru is just the thing for you. But in addition to the Inca history, you will of course find incredibly beautiful natural and cultural treasures in Peru , such as Lake Titicaca or the breathtaking Machu Picchu. We don’t need to say more, do we?


3. On the Kaiser-Brixental kabel cable car

The cable cars in the region of the wild Kaiser-Brixental are extremely popular among adventurers every year. The means of transport to all kinds of mountain sports and climbs. Special passes are available that allow you to use all kinds of ziplines and visit different areas. Whether you want to enjoy the wild nature, or really want to be sporty; adventure is enough!


4. Hiking through Western Ireland

You can fly there in an hour and you can walk there very adventurously; beautiful Ireland has a lot to offer. There are several hiking trails scattered throughout the country; the wildest and most beautiful can be found on the southwest coast. Isn’t a walk on the cliffs adventurous enough? Then you can also bungee jump or climb cliffs!

5. Kayaking in Croatia

Where Croatia has long been a great sun, sea and beach destination, it is also bursting with adventurous possibilities. How about kayaking in the sea of ​​Dubrovnik , diving in beautiful underwater areas or renting a boat and spearfishing at one of the many islands? When it comes to water and adventure you can go almost anywhere in Croatia!