A unique and special time of the year is approaching, a period of time in which leisure becomes the common thread of any activity and spending time with the family is the best option to enjoy free time . Holidays have become a period in which to live different and surprising experiences, experiences that can be shared with the family so that the youngest members of the household can begin to enjoy the adventure of traveling and discovering new cultures.

It is possible that when you consider traveling outside of Spain with your children, a certain feeling of fear and respect appears. At the end of the day, you leave the known space, you embark on a journey to a destination where the language is surely different and the customs are far from what you are used to, and unknown situations may arise. Nothing is further from reality. Traveling with children is an amazing experience in which the little ones soak up everything that surrounds them, in which they discover that there are cultures different from their own in the best possible way, immersing themselves in them.

If you are considering where to go on vacation with children, you should bear in mind that it is essential that the minor has their documentation in order and that the best way to travel without uncertainty is to hire good travel insurance that can cover any incident or illness that may occur during the holidays.

To find inspiration on destinations to travel with children in which to enjoy your next vacation, the best thing is to read this post. You will find surprising ideas to enjoy as a family and you will discover that traveling with the smallest of the house does not entail any risk, as long as the access requirements of the country chosen as destination are met.


Traveling to the United States with children is without a doubt one of the best decisions that can be made when looking for destinations to travel with children outside of Spain. The United States has it all, fun for adults and children, surprising corners, dream places, areas steeped in tradition and history, emblematic spaces and amusement parks that will delight the little ones . It is a destination where you can enjoy yourself in a thousand different ways and where various types of tourism are waiting for all travelers who decide to head to this country. The best time of year to live this experience is June, when temperatures are not excessively high.


One of the best destinations to travel with children in the United States is without a doubt Orlando, a city that seems to be designed so that the smallest of the house can consume part of the adrenaline that characterizes them, enjoying all kinds of activities and adventure.

This Florida city is famous for its theme parks. Who has not heard of the famous Walt Disney World Resort , an amusement park where children can spend time with their favorite characters from Disney movies. Beauty and the Beast, the Dwarfs or Mickey Mouse await you to show you a magical and unique world. Another of the incredible places that can be visited with the little ones in Orlando is the Universal Orlando Resort park .

The two theme parks are great options as destinations for traveling with children, although there are some differences between them. At Walt Disney World you can find attractions specially designed for the little ones, although they can also be enjoyed by the older ones. In Universal Studios you can find spectacular attractions based on the most famous Universal Studios movies with which the older ones can teleport to a magical place of their imagination.

Seaworld is a park in Florida where you can enjoy attractions related to life in the oceans and where you can interact with marine animals. Water lovers will find in this park the ideal destination to cool off a bit during their vacation in the United States.

In Orlando, there is also the Kennedy Space Center , a place where children can experience the sensation of being a true astronaut in a flight simulator. Here, it is the children who take control of a space mission, feeling as if they were on Apollo 8 itself.

Kennedy Space Center, Orlando


Another destination to travel with children is Europe. Specifically, Northern Europe is an ideal area to enjoy in summer. In addition, it has special spaces where you can enjoy with the smallest of the house. Especially the Scandinavian countries, being smaller, are much safer for family travel . In addition, these countries have unique and unrepeatable landscapes that are worth knowing.

Where to go on vacation with children in Europe? A good answer to this question is Finland, an ideal destination for the family as it offers endless interesting options.


Finland is an ideal destination for traveling around Europe with children, as numerous activities to do with the little ones can be found throughout its geography. One of the most interesting things to do while in Finland is to visit Santa’s home in Rovaniemi . In fact, it is a special destination to enjoy in winter, but you can also live a magical moment in the town of Santa Claus during the summer as you can discover the lakes and forests it has. Santa Claus’s house is open all year round and there you can enjoy a private chat with this famous character or visit Santa’s post office.

Another of the special destinations in Finland is Naantali, a city on the east coast of Finland that is ideal for enjoying with the family. Two of the sites most enjoyed by children Moomin World and Väski are located there . Moomin World is a place inspired by the famous cartoon characters the Moomins. Väski is an island where it is possible to go into trails, go scalding or pan for gold.

One of the most interesting spectacles that can be seen in Finland is known as the “midnight sun” , a natural phenomenon that takes place during the summer months, especially in May and June. It is a time when the sun remains on the horizon for more than 70 days in a row.

In the same way, enjoying the northern lights is one of the best reasons to travel to Finland, an experience that will leave you speechless. Contemplating this spectacle of nature is not easy, you need a little luck to be able to contemplate a unique and unforgettable dance. The northern lights form at more than 100 kilometers of altitude and their intensity depends on the activity of the sun and its location. The best time of year to see this spectacle is between October and March at the North Pole, although its appearance is not 100% certain at any time of the year.


Another of the ideal destinations to travel with children is Central America. Thanks to its tropical forests, its Caribbean coasts with dream beaches and its great biodiversity, this destination is one of the most special to enjoy with children.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an exceptional country to travel with the little ones thanks to its natural surroundings of great beauty. Its rich flora and varied fauna allow you to live a unique experience, where adventure activities are waiting for the most intrepid of the family.

In Costa Rica there is the Manuel Antonio National Park where it is possible to walk along numerous well-signposted and accessible trails so that the little ones can hike safely. In this park you can discover tropical rainforests, white sand beaches, mangroves and surprising animals such as the squirrel monkey, the howler or the capuchin.

Another of the parks that are worth visiting is the Corcovado National Park . It is located on the Osa Peninsula and can only be reached through water or air. It is the largest park in the country and the most famous for the large number of species that inhabit it. In this park you can see jaguars, sloths, monkeys, sea turtles or macaws.

The Tortuguero National Park gives shelter to more than 400 different species of trees. It is located on the Caribbean coast in a great destination to enjoy ecotourism. It is considered one of the wettest areas in the country and has a very diverse fauna. One of the main attractions of this place is the observation of sea turtles, since in this place the green turtle comes to spawn.

The Arenal Volcano National Park is another of the most visited parks in the country when traveling with children. In this park you can enjoy an excursion to the Fortuna River waterfall.

Another ideal destination in Costa Rica is the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve , the most spectacular reserve in the country. It is a protected area whose objective is to protect the flora, fauna and resources found within. It is fully adapted to tourism as it has very comfortable trails to walk.

boy walking through tree canopy in Costa Rica


So that the little ones can live an experience that they will surely not forget for the rest of their lives, there is nothing better than betting on Africa as a holiday destination. In Africa, children can feel part of the Jungle Book itself, letting themselves be surprised by a very different environment and a spectacle of unique colors and flavors. Going on a safari through Africa where you can discover all kinds of animals in freedom and get to know dreamlike landscapes can be an image that the little ones will never erase from their minds.


In the famous horn of Africa is one of the most special destinations in this country, Kenya. In Kenya you can enjoy safaris for the whole family where the guides can put the magic touch to make the experience unforgettable and magical.

One of the great attractions of Kenya is that its visitors will be able to discover what is known as the “Big Five” , that is, the five most impressive animals. These are the lion, the leopard, the black rhinoceros, the elephant and the buffalo , animals that have their natural habitat in this destination.

Another of the activities that await the family in Kenya are its national parks. Among these parks stands out Maasai Mara National Reserve , the most important reserve and with the greatest biological diversity, since it is the area of ​​the planet with the greatest amount of wildlife per square kilometer. It is located in the Great Rift Valley and there you can see more than 400 types of birds, amphibians, reptiles or mammals.

Another of the parks worth visiting is Hells Gate National Park , which owes its name to the imposing gorges carved by water, its cliffs and its intense geothermal activity. This park served as inspiration for two great movies, The Lion King and Lara Croft, Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.

Lake Nakuru National Park is a park located in the Great Rift Valley. In this place you can see a wide ecological diversity. From Lake Nakuru itself, known as “pink lake” due to the large number of flamingos that often visit the place, to the surrounding cliffs, Lake Nakuru Park is an ideal destination for bird watching or picnics with the little ones. of the house

The beaches of Kenya are a wonder of nature. Its transparent waters create a unique space where you can have a picnic, enjoy a swim or ride a sailboat. Enjoying a sunset sailing on a sailboat is one of the best activities that can be done in this tourist destination, a way to forget about the stress of normal life and to make the little ones participate in how rewarding it can be to spend time in family.

Lamu Island is one of the most authentic and charming places in the country. It is located on the North Coast of Kenya and is a tropical island made up of Manda Island, Pate Island and small uninhabited islets. Lamu village is considered to be one of the oldest and best preserved settlements. This city Lamu Town was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It is a town built with coral rock and wood, with narrow streets where getting lost taking a walk is a real wonder.


Asia is another of the special destinations for traveling with children. Asia may seem like a far-off destination at first, since to get there it is necessary to invest several hours of flight. Despite this, there are places in Asia that are worthy of inventing several hours of flight. An example of these places that are worth visiting is Japan, as it offers the unique opportunity to delve into the history of a unique and different country. To enjoy a trip to Japan with the little ones in the house, it is only necessary to take into account a series of tips for traveling with children .


Japan is one of the most advanced and safest countries in the world. It has the perfect infrastructure, health services and the ideal quality of life to enjoy a dream family vacation. For this reason, it is one of the best destinations to travel with children because, in addition, everything in this country is new, so success with the little ones is guaranteed.

In Japan there is no need to go to a specific place or carry out a specific activity for children since everything is an adventure if it is prepared properly. It is a very special country and visually it is so different that everything surprises from the first moment.

Visiting Japan’s castles is one of the many options available in the country . Himeji Castle is one of them. It is a reconstructed castle with exhibitions inside. Hikone Castle has a very interesting interior, as well as Matsue Castle where you can learn to be a true ninja.

In Japan there is a wide variety of theme parks and attractions designed for the little ones. One of the best known is Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneysea. Tokyo Disneyland was designed following the essence of the California park and Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom park in Florida. The Disneysea is of more recent creation and quickly became the most visited park in the world. Another of the theme parks that is worth knowing is the Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, a paradise for lovers of Harry Potter, the Minions or Nintendo. Legoland Nagoya is the perfect destination for those who love Legos.

Another of the most recommended activities to do with children in Japan is to visit the multitude of museums that it has. Some are dedicated to the great factories of Japanese animation, so they attract a lot of attention from the little ones. In the Ghibli museum, the little ones can enjoy their favorite characters in a magical and unique environment. Doraemon has its own space at the Fujiko F. Fujio museum . Another museum worth noting is the Hakone Open Air Museum, an art museum located near Gora that has wonderful facilities for the little ones.

Theme trains are another of the great attractions of this country . These trains arouse great interest as they are old restored machines designed to transport passengers and travel back in time at the same time. One of these trains is the Fukuhima FruiTea train that allows its travelers to travel through the world of coffee tasting exquisite food and craft drinks made with local products. To live a traditional experience, the Oykot train is the best choice. This train runs through the most traditional Japan where the true heart of the country resides. A special mention requires the Pokemon With you train, a train that runs through the Tohoku region with cars decorated inside and out with more than 100 pokemons.

Hikone castle in Japan


Traveling is a pleasure as long as the necessary guarantees and security are available. Traveling safely with children is the best way to enjoy the chosen destination . There is nothing more unpleasant than having to interrupt a trip because of any unforeseen health event, with the worry and problems that this entails. That is why when you decide to visit a place outside the European Union by traveling long distance, it is best to take out travel insurance .

Mondo has insurance that offers special coverage for children, so that nothing can interrupt the fun. Children are prone to accidents as they have great vitality. For this reason, it is essential to have the best coverage when traveling with children. In addition, all Mondo insurance includes COVID-19 coverage , which is why they are highly recommended considering the latest health events. In addition, Mondo has a mobile App that offers medical chat and assistance 24 hours a day. In this way, assistance can be obtained in the shortest possible time, in the most comfortable way and from anywhere, it is only necessary to have an Internet connection to send the doubt or query to a health professional.
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