Chile is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for a long vacation or backpacking trip. The country in South America has a lot to offer. The nature is beautiful and there are many national parks that protect it. Because the land is very long and thin, the landscape often changes. But there is also a lot to discover in terms of culture, because the Chileans find their cultural traditions very important. The Chilean cities are also interesting, you can often see the Spanish influence in them. The Chileans are very friendly and Chile is therefore seen as a fairly safe country to go on holiday. These are my travel tips for visiting Chile.


Sights in Chile – Cities


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Santiago is the capital of Chile and the city has around four million inhabitants. You can easily explore the city center on foot. Santiago is a city with many historic buildings but also with a large number of modern skyscrapers. It is a lively city where you can eat well and with a vibrant nightlife. During a holiday in Chile it is nice to stay in Santiago for two or three days. 


This coastal town just an hour’s drive from Santiago has many old colonial buildings that give you the feeling of being in Europe. There are many vineyards around Rancagua and the city is therefore a good base if you want to visit Chilean vineyards.


Chile Attractions

This colorful city is located right next to the sea and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The port city is located in a bay and is surrounded by green hills with the Andes mountains in the background. You can easily get lost in the city full of narrow streets, but that way you will only discover beautiful places. The city has an alternative bohemian atmosphere and in the evening there is plenty to do because Valparaiso is known for a busy nightlife. The most beautiful neighborhood of the city is Cerro Concepción with beautiful colored Victorian houses.


Sightseeing in Chile – nature

Torres del Paine

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This nature reserve is located in Patagonia in southern Chile. It has beautiful blue lakes, high mountains and robust glaciers. The park is named after three impressive granite towers that you will find in the park, the Grande Paine being the tallest. Animal and plant life is very rich in Torres el Paine. There are various llamas, the large Andean condor and all kinds of other birds. There is also a lot to do in Torres del Paine. You can hike for days, but also kayak or horseback ride.


Magdalena Island

Magdalena Island

This is the Chilean version of “the end of the world”. Hundreds of thousands of penguins nest on this uninhabited island in the south of Chile . The island itself is already very beautiful to see, but the penguins make it a place not to be missed. It is certainly a special experience to see all the penguins here. If you are successful, you will spot dolphins on the way to the island. Isla Magdalena is one of the most special sights of Chile.


The Lake District

Chile's Lake District

The Lake District is also known as the Switzerland of South America. It is a nice quiet area with, of course, many lakes. In the cities in this area you can clearly see the German colonization reflected in the architecture, making it even more like Switzerland. The best way to discover the Lake District is with a rented car.


Atacama desert

In and around Chile

This desert is located in the north of Chile. It is the driest place on earth and a large expanse of plain. In some places in the desert it has not rained for centuries. You can visit the village of San Pedro de Atacama which is located in the middle of the desert. In the desert you can take walks or you can sandboard one of the dunes!