Cape Town is an immense city that consists of many neighborhoods, so how do you know which neighborhoods are the nicest? Here are a few of my favorite neighborhoods.

Sea Point

Do you want to be close to the beaches? And walk the boardwalk? Then Sea point is the neighborhood for you! Here you can walk along the sea or lie on one of the many beaches. When you walk around it looks a bit like the Miami of Cape Town, with the big white buildings and the beaches. One of the popular beaches that are close by is the Clifton Beaches . This beach consists of four parts and are separated by large boulders. There is also an outdoor freshwater swimming pool in Sea Point, overlooking the sea.

seapoint cape town
seapoint cape town


This is my favorite neighborhood. There are many nice restaurants and bars here, and there is always something going on in this district. The neighborhood is fun for both young and old. The nicest streets in this district are Kloof street and Bree street, this is where the most restaurants and bars can be found. This is often the place for students before going out for a night out on Long Street.


Observatory & Woodstock

Observatory is the student district of Cape Town. You will also find many Dutch students here, whether they are doing an internship or doing volunteer work, you will run into them here. Obs does not have a very large center then, it is most likely 3 to 4 streets, but all the more fun. Every Thursday evening there is a beerpong event where you get to know a lot of new people.

Woodstock is more known for its art. This is where Cape Town’s creatives can get their money’s worth. This is definitely an up and coming area, the streets are filled with street art so you’ll never get bored looking around. If you’re here, be sure to visit the Old Biscuit Mill on Saturday morning, here is a very nice Neighbourgoods market, where you can eat well and listen to live music. Every kitchen in the world is present, so the choice is huge!

Upper Cape

This neighborhood is known as the most colorful neighborhood in Cape Town. Almost every house has a nice color such as red, purple, green or blue. The neighborhood occupies the slopes of Signal Hill. This is also a well-known Muslim quarter, at five o’clock in the morning you will already hear the mosque. The people here are very nice and helpful, and are happy to give you a taste of African cuisine. What probably many people don’t know is that this used to be a township.



This district is home to the well-known stadium of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The stadium is now the venue for rugby matches or concerts. Incidentally, there are not many buildings here, you can enjoy nature and the parks here. Also part of this district is the Signal Hill . Here you can enjoy a picnic in the early evening and enjoy the sunset.