Are you a wine lover looking for an original and unforgettable holiday? Then a wine holiday in Italy is really something for you. Waking up in a wine farm in Piedmont with the beautiful vast Alps at your feet and traveling through Italy from here: that sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Or how about getting lost among the beautiful flower fields in Umbria? And there of course enjoy local Sagrantino wines! Or what about a visit to the regions of Veneto and Tuscany where you will find the best red wines. When you choose a wine tour Italy, you get so much in return.

Why choose Italy for a wine tour?

To enjoy the breathtaking scenery. To enjoy the cultural highlights of Italy. And of course to enjoy a delicious bottle of Italian wine . Or maybe several…

The Alps, the Po Valley, the Adriatic coast or Sicily. All destinations that appeal to the imagination. Not only is the landscape extremely versatile, so are the wines. Whether you like red wine, white wine or rosé. During a wine holiday in Italy you can look for your favorite Italian wine. A wine tour through Italy is also a culture tour through the country. You will discover the rich history of the Roman Empire, you can see the canals of Venice and so much more. Does Italian cuisine need any introduction?

The perfect wine tour of Italy!

When to choose Italy for a wine holiday?

Thanks to the maritime climate, you can enjoy an unforgettable wine trip in Italy almost every season. Although the winter may be a bit too cold and the summer a bit too busy. Do you prefer to plan your wine trip to Italy during the harvest months? Then come and have a look during the month of September. The ‘vendemmia’ or the grape harvest is then on the program.

Favorite Italy Wine Tour Destinations


wine tour veneto

During a wine holiday in Italy, a visit to Venice should not be missed. On the Adriatic Sea, a romantic soul explores the canals with a gondola. Or are you just looking for the splendor of Lake Garda. As a wine lover you can enjoy Veneto wine . These often fruity and fresh wines go well with the most popular Italian pasta dishes.



wine tour piemonte

Under the approving eye of the eternally white Alpine peaks, you can enjoy the best red and white wines in Piedmont. In this region you choose wines from the grape Nebbiolo or Barbera. This gives you a choice of top wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco and Gavi.



wine tour tuscany

The vast vineyards with the most delicious wines of Tuscany are connected by the Stade del Vino. This way you can easily plan your wine holiday Italy and discover a delicious wine every day. The world famous Chianti wine , the much acclaimed Vino Nobile di Montepulciano or the lighter Rosso di Montalcino.



wine tour sicily

La vita è bella in Sicilia. Enjoy the Sicilian cuisine, visit a wine tasting and explore the flanks of Etna. Nowhere in the world is so much charm and variety combined as on this island in the Mediterranean. Thanks to the largest vineyards in Italy, you can enjoy the Leone d’almerita or the gambero Rosso. health!