The beautiful historic region of Alsace, also known as Alsace-Lorraine, is located in northeastern France . There is a mix of German, Swiss and French cultures and above all delicious wine is produced. In addition, Alsace is full of charming, picturesque towns and villages where you can still admire the traditional architecture. A top destination close to home that must be discovered quickly! Read on and discover which villages you should definitely not miss during your holiday in Alsace, France.


Beautiful view of the historic town of Colmar, also known as Little Venice, with tourists taking a boat trip past traditional colorful houses on idyllic river Lauch in summer, Colmar, Alsace, France.
Cruise the canals of Colmar in “Little Venice”

This is probably the most famous city in Alsace and therefore one of the most visited. Colmar is also called the fairytale city of Alsace and when you walk around the picturesque streets you will know why. The colored half-timbered houses are really beautiful and each is more beautiful than the other. The “Little Venice” district in Colmar also attracts many visitors. Indeed, you really feel like you are in the gondola city of Italy. In addition, in the winter months you will find the most adorable Christmas market in Colmar and the town is dotted with boutiques, cafes and restaurants. The weather in Colmar is also often good, right up to and including autumn!




Aerial view of the Saint Paul Church in Strasbourg - Alsace, France.
View over Strasbourg with the famous Cathedral in the foreground

Strasbourg, or Strasbourg, is the capital of Alsace, France. Despite this, this charming, cozy city feels more like a large village. Due to its long history, the Strasbourg has a rich cultural heritage and the city consists of a subtle mix of history and modernity. One of the main attractions of Strasbourg is the imposing Notre Dame Cathedral . But the annual Christmas market should not be overlooked either! In addition, the city is full of interesting museums and numerous cultural activities are organized.



Town of Obernai with vineyards in Bas-Rhin, France
Obernai with surrounding vineyards

Slightly less known than its predecessors, but certainly not to be underestimated, is the cute little village of Obernai. It lies, as it were, between Colmar and Strasbourg and should certainly not be missed during your holiday in Alsace. Obernai is on the region’s well-known wine route, and the Alsace wines are here to be enjoyed! The medieval center of Obernai consists of a pleasant central square surrounded by beautiful half-timbered houses, narrow alleys and many restaurants. Also bars, wine shops and shops selling artisanal products are up for grabs. In addition, the local Obernai market, which takes place on Saturday morning, is a nice attraction where there is a cozy chaos.


Colorful half-timbered houses of the Alsatian town of Eguisheim, France.
The historic center of Eguisheim

This beautiful village is also on the wine route and is considered one of the most beautiful villages in France. Just like in the other Alsace villages you imagine yourself in a fairytale world in Eguisheim. Stroll through the narrow cobbled streets lined with old half – timbered houses and settle on a terrace in the main square with one of the Alsace wines and a flammkuchen . Afterwards, admire the imposing castle of Eguisheim. In addition, the colorful chapel Saint-Léon-IX is a feast for the eyes. If you happen to be in this village in August, you’re in luck! You can then experience the famous stork festival and the winegrowers’ festival. Very special and cozy.



Traditional colorful houses in Kaysersberg, Alsace, one of the most beautiful villages in France.
Half-timbered houses along the river in Kaysersberg

In the middle of the vineyards of Alsace, this pretty town with its rich architectural heritage is located. The old half-timbered houses, cobbled streets and authentic atmosphere make this a must-see during your visit to this region. Admire the beautiful Rhine Renaissance Town Hall, the 13th-century castle (with stunning views over the village), and the 16th-century fortified bridge over the river. Kaysersberg is one of the towns with the most impressive medieval features. Stroll along the banks of the river that reflects the countless brightly colored houses and enjoy a picnic by the water with fresh produce.



The old town of Riquewihr at twilight, Alsace, France.
The old town of Riquewihr at dusk

It doesn’t stop with beautiful, historic villages. Riquewihr can also call itself one of the most beautiful villages in the country. Located in the heart of the vineyards, this place is also called the “Pearl of the vineyards of Alsace”. It has retained its authentic character like no other, with its beautiful city walls and 13th century defensive gate. The half-timbered houses in Riquewihr are well preserved with large bay windows and cute flowery courtyards, fountains and wells. Moreover, in the old town you can eat and drink the best.


The picturesque center of Ribeauville, Alsace, France.
The picturesque center of Ribeauville

This village is most famous for its three fortified castles, the ruins of which still proudly dominate the town and the surrounding hills. All three castles are accessible to the public, via a beautiful hiking trail over the mountainside. Furthermore, Ribeauville has preserved a large part of its medieval fortifications and defensive towers. Stroll through the “ Grand’rue ” or main street lined with 15th and 18th century buildings and step back in time. The stately squares with its Renaissance-style fountains are also beautiful.  


Aerial drone panoramic view of Dambach-la-Ville village in Alsace.

About thirty kilometers from Colmar, this medieval village is known for its majestic fortress. This is one of the oldest fortresses in the region. Dambach-la-Ville has preserved its architectural heritage well and its vineyard is one of the most important in Alsace with the highest production. The famous Frankstein Grand Cru wine is produced here. This one should definitely be tasted! Dambach-la-Ville is protected by ancient walls and three imposing 13th-century gates. The cozy market square is full of 17th and 18th century houses with bay windows on the roof. The perfect village to sniff culture and enjoy a delicious wine tasting on one of the cozy terraces.


The square in front of the beautiful Rosheim Church.
The beautiful church in Rosheim

Rosheim is a small, cute town and is famous for two things: its beautiful Romanesque church and one of the oldest Romanesque houses in Alsace, which has been recently restored. The rest of the village is also worth admiring. Its beautiful houses, Roman gates, ruins and boutiques will make you feel right at home. Rosheim is not yet so touristy and is therefore all the more fun to visit.