n recent years, the use of headphones has increased among people of all ages.

Commuting to schools, universities and jobs, listening to music at the gym or simply using it in our leisure time has caused the time spent using headphones to increase exponentially.

And this increased use of headphones can eventually lead to long-term problems, infections, and hearing loss.

And if we want to use headphones for our daily activities but we want to preserve our hearing health as much as possible, we need to know which headphones do the least damage to the ear .

In that sense, of the two main types of headphones, there is a clear type of headphones that causes less damage to the ears in the long run: over-ear headphones .

The fact that over-ear headphones cause less pain in the ear than in-ear headphones is because no foreign body has to be inserted into the ear and so close to the eardrum, which makes these headphones more harmful.

And within this type of headphones, over-ear headphones are the headphones that cause less damage to the ear than the so-called on-ear headphones.

According to the World Health Organization, WHO tells us that a noise exposure of 85 decibels is already harmful to health in the long term, and a noise higher than 100 or more decibels can be instantly harmful to hearing.

Therefore, whatever headphones you wear, our sincere recommendation is that you take care of your hearing health by not using them at very high volume and for an excessively long time.

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