Kralendijk, Bonaire 21 oktober 2019; Common to see are the pink flamingo;s on the caibbean island Bonaire. There flying in the evening to Venezuela and returning to Bonaire during the day/morning

What is there to do on this beautiful island? Well a lot. I would like to tell you more about some of my favorite places on Bonaire.

Bonaire has many places I like to visit. So I can’t pick just 1 place. I have made a selection of my places where I prefer to be in my spare time.

Washington Slagbaai National Park

This park covers the entire north head of the island and is no less than 6000 hectares in size. A place you can go often and still have a completely different experience every time. You can tour the park and take beautiful pictures, enjoy the beautiful beaches, go snorkelling or climb the Brandaris (the highest mountain on Bonaire), for example.

Seru Largu

I like to go here to enjoy the peace, quiet and the view over the island. A perfect place to bring your own food and drink and then watch the sunset. You also have a hiking trail here and many people come here to exercise.


The suitable place if you want to windsurf or watch these active water sports enthusiasts. At Jibe city you can relax (for free) on a sun bed and have a relaxed day. Be careful with the strong wind, you will not notice that you are burned, apply well.

1000 Steps

My favorite snorkeling spot. So far all the times I’ve been there I’ve seen turtles. The beach is less suitable for lying on a towel. It is a coral beach so it is advisable to bring your own chair or yoga mat.

goto more

If you continue on the tourist route at 1000 steps, you will arrive at the Goto lake. Here you can spot flamingos. When it has rained, the area is green and you see brightly colored flowers.

Ghost hotel Esmeralda

Certainly not the prettiest place, but still very nice. You can enter this abandoned hotel freely. Graffiti drawings have been made on all walls. The nice thing is that new ones are added all the time, so you are surprised every time with what you come across.

Lac Bay

Protected area by the Bonaire National Marine Park. Especially the large mountains of Karko shells are worth a visit. This is also a good place to snorkel and spot turtles.

Secret beach

A lovely beach that you usually have to yourself. White sand beach and a beautiful blue sea, what more could you want? You will find this beach when you drive towards the salt mines. The starting point of the salt lake is the landmark where you will find the beach on the other side.

Buddy dive resort

At the resort you have a small beach with sunbeds. Down a flight of stairs to enter the sea. It is quiet and the beds are comfortable. Many free hours are spent here. You can also lounge by the pool area or have a nice lunch in the restaurant.

Little Bonaire

A desert island, need I say more? A paradise, white sand beach and beautiful sea. There is literally nothing else on this island. You can reach this place in fifteen minutes by water taxi. Renting a boat yourself is also recommended. Jump off the boat and you will find yourself in a beautiful underwater world.