The Greek island of Kos is a very popular holiday destination among the Dutch. There is much to do on this island and the sun always shines. On Kos you will find many beautiful white sandy beaches and picturesque white Greek villages. Are you planning to book a holiday to Kos ? Below are 10 things you should definitely do on Kos!

1. Visiting a vineyard

The people who live on Kos are very proud of their local, world famous wines and this is not for nothing. The most delicious wines have been made on Kos for more than 2,500 years. The fertile, volcanic soil of the island and the traditional way of production give the wines of Kos a unique taste. Some vineyards, such as the Triantaphyllopoulos, are open to visitors. You can walk around the vineyard here and learn everything about the production process and history. Wine tasting is of course also possible here!


2. A walk through the old town

Kos town is the cultural center of this island. Plan a day to walk around the beautiful old town. Walk along the boulevard, drink Greek coffee at one of the cozy tavernas and enjoy the impressive architecture. TIP: go out for dinner on the boulevard. Here you will be served delicious freshly caught fish.

3. A visit to Zia

Zia is located in the middle of the forest. This small village is known for producing delicious thyme honey. Also in this village is the oldest water mill on the island. Buy a jar of honey in one of the shops and be sure to eat out in one of the many tavernas. Do you still have energy? Then dive into the mountains, from where you have a beautiful view over the entire island.


4. Visit the Plaka forest

The Plaka forest is about 30 minutes outside of Kos town. Located right on the coast, this gigantic pine forest is home to hundreds of wild turtles and beautiful peacocks. Here you can enjoy a picnic under one of the beautiful shade trees. Escape the heat of the sun for a while!

5. The Baths of Kos

When you travel to Kos, a visit to the hot spring cannot be missed. You can float around in this healing water. The water has a temperature of about 45 degrees Celsius and contains many healthy, healing minerals. Did you get hot? Then you can of course take a refreshing dip in the nearby ocean!

6. De Kefalos-baai

The Bay of Kefalos is located in the southwest of Kos. This is the place to be for windsurfers and enthusiasts. There are also beautiful beaches here where you can relax after a surf session.

The kef los bay

7. Bike Tour on the Island

Cycling on Kos is something that should not be missing from the planning. You can rent bicycles at several places at a relatively low rate. Nowadays there are also electric bicycles for rent for people with limited mobility. You will find cycling paths all over the island and clear cycling maps are for sale.

8. The Historic Asclepieion

This is one of the most impressive archaeological monuments of Kos. The Asklepieion used to be the best hospital complex from ancient Greece. This building is located on a hill about 4 kilometers from Kos town. From here you can also have a beautiful view of the rest of the island.

9. Day Trip to Kalymnos

From the port of Kos you can take a boat to the island of Kalymnos. On this island you will find beautifully colored houses and imposing churches. You will also find the monastery of Agios Savvas here. In the center you will find several cozy restaurants and tourist shops where you can buy nice souvenirs.


10. Waterpark

Have you sniffed enough culture? On Kos you will also find a great water park near Mastichari. The children especially love this park, although adults can easily enjoy themselves for a day in this water park.