You can drink unlimited water while losing weight

You can drink unlimited water because it contains no calories. You don’t have to overdo it by drinking liters of water a day, because you just pee that all out again. The reason water is so important during a diet, and for that matter in general? Hunger is often confused with thirst. If you drink (much) too little, you will feel like ‘something’ faster, while that chance is a lot smaller if you just drink enough.

No coke and fruit juices

Avoid cola and fruit juices if you seriously want to lose weight. Cola and also fruit juices contain a lot of sugars and in fact you can literally become addicted to it. How about that? After ingesting sugar, your blood sugar level rises, and that actually happens very quickly. This makes you feel very energetic. However, this blood sugar level is brought down again by the hormone insulin. And this makes you tired, limp, listless. In fact, you immediately feel like something (tasty) again and that is the reason that sugar can be so addictive.

You can also drink unlimited tea while losing weight

You can drink tea without sugar perfectly and in fact unlimited while losing weight. Black coffee is also allowed, for example occasionally opt for an espresso from Lavazza coffee . Caffeine can give you an energy boost and that sometimes comes in handy when you suddenly take in fewer calories than you are used to. In addition, caffeine speeds up your metabolism and ensures better fat burning.

Every now and then a homemade smoothie

Isay consciously made it yourself, because then of course you have control over what you put in it. Many smoothies that you buy at catering establishments or, for example, in bottles in the supermarket, often contain a lot of added sugars or, for example, ice. Make your own smoothie with, for example, fruit and / or vegetables, low-fat yogurt / almond milk and oatmeal. And yes, fruit also contains sugars, but a fruit smoothie every now and then is of course always healthier than a bar of chocolate.

Be moderate with drinking alcohol while losing weight

Opinions are a bit divided on this, but if you want to lose weight, it is generally better to avoid alcohol. Besides the fact that alcohol naturally contains calories, it has an extra fattening effect, because it slows down the breakdown of fat from the diet and thus ensures that you store more fat. In addition, alcohol has an appetite-stimulating effect. In particular, avoid mixed drinks that often contain a lot of sugars and creamy drinks.