Many people know by now that Greece has a lot to offer as a holiday destination. The beaches and islands in particular are popular among tourists. The country has more than 6000 islands, of which 227 are inhabited. Well-known islands such as Crete, Kos, Corfu, Santorini and Zakynthos are of course beautiful but quite touristy. If you want something different from these popular tourist destinations, there are also a number of unknown islands that are a lot quieter. We discuss here 5 beautiful unknown Greek islands to give you an idea about the possibilities.


The Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea consists of quite a number of beautiful islands. Milos is in our opinion one of the most beautiful islands of this archipelago. This volcanic island is also known as the island of colours. Here you will find beautiful beaches, hills and a clear sea. Moreover, it is still quite quiet here compared to other islands that belong to the Cyclades.



If we are talking about beautiful islands in the Cyclades, Naxos should not be missed. This island is also called the Hawaii of Greece and has almost 100 kilometers of snow-white beaches. Moreover, it is one of the greenest islands in Greece and there is therefore a lot to discover here for nature lovers .



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Folegandros also belongs to the Cyclades. This gem is located in the south of the archipelago just northwest of Santorini. The island does not have an airport and is therefore very quiet. There are a few nice villages and beautiful beaches and you can also enjoy great hiking on this island.



In the North Aegean Sea you will find the wonderfully beautiful island of Thassos. The island is only 8 kilometers from the mainland and can be easily reached by ferry from the town of Kavala. Although it is easily accessible, Thassos is not yet well known to the general public. In addition to beautiful beaches, you will find the most beautiful pine forests and an enormous variety of flora and fauna here. Bird watchers in particular can indulge themselves here given the enormous amount of different birds that you can find on Thassos.