A day out alone

got divorced last year and since January I have been living with Sketch temporarily with my father. The past six months has been completely dominated by the search for a new home. Once I had found that house and the mortgage was settled, an incredible amount had to be arranged. In fact, now that I have the key and the remodeling is in full swing, I’m still working on that and taking up most of my time. When everything is a bit quieter later and I also have a bit more peace in my head, it is of course nice to go on the road again. And there are plenty of fun things to do when you go out alone for a day. I’ll give you some inspiration.

Visit a flea market or go for a walk

love visiting flea markets. In any case, I always really like to combine ‘old’ with ‘new’ in the house, but I also always find the atmosphere at flea markets very pleasant. If you want to go out alone for a day, a flea market is super fun, because you can look everywhere you want and you don’t have to take anyone into account at all. If you see something nice at a stall, you often get to talk to the seller and that makes your day often just fun. If there is no flea market nearby, a round of thrift shops is also an alternative. I must add that the thrift shop often lacks that cozy atmosphere of a flea market, but it is and remains wonderful to browse through all those old things in search of hidden treasures!

a day out alone tips

A day out alone: ​​go to a picking garden

Years ago, I used to shout out loud that I ‘definitely didn’t have green fingers’. When the garden in my old house was renovated, that changed. I turned out to really enjoy digging into the earth with my fingers. In fact, there is very little that relaxes me as much as gardening. I really spent hours in my garden. Selecting plants, planting plants, weeding, I liked everything equally. In my new house I have a balcony for which I already have nice plans. However, I will miss that rooting in the earth. If you want to go out alone for a day and you also like to work with flowers and plants, a visit to a picking garden is very nice. How it works exactly? Sometimes the entrance to a picking garden is free and you only pay for the flowers you pick. The other time you pay a fixed amount and you can pick unlimited flowers. Not only is the picking itself very soothing and pleasant, but you always go home with a beautiful bunch of flowers. And then you can probably put it back in your new vase that you found at the flea market or in the thrift store. And to stay in the floral atmosphere: a day at Keukenhof is also a great idea if you want to go out alone for a day.

Go cycling or walking

Cycling or walking alone is also always a nice idea if you want to go out alone for a day. See if you can find a route that you have not walked or cycled before. You may have to drive a bit to do that. Nowadays you can rent bicycles everywhere, but with a bicycle carrier on the car you can also just take your own bicycle. I always find the surroundings of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug very beautiful for walking. Not really used to walking alone? Put together a nice playlist on Spotify. I always enjoy listening to music while walking.

A day out alone; go swimming!

have recently rediscovered swimming. I find it so nice to do this alone because it is very soothing and again; you don’t have to consider someone else’s pace or fitness. You can sit in a bubble bath on your own, but swimming laps is also very soothing and it is also very good for your condition. Only go at the right time if you really want to enjoy the tranquility. For example, most swimming pools have special times to swim quietly, for example, do not do this on a Wednesday afternoon or at the weekend. Now that it’s full summer, you can of course also enjoy an outdoor pool.

Visit a city you don’t know

Another idea for a day out alone is to visit a city you don’t know yet. To make the day go completely relaxed, you can travel there by train. In the city itself, don’t take the bus or tram, but do everything on foot. This way you often end up at very nice places and you will certainly discover unique shops, restaurants and other places of interest. Shopping alone is of course wonderful (at least I think it is!), but you can also visit a museum or an exhibition. Or, for example, go to the movie or sit on a terrace where you order something delicious for yourself.