Swimming in a pool is of course great fun. Sometimes you just want something different. That chlorinated water is also not good for your hair and skin and it is often terribly busy. Unfortunately, there are no natural swimming pools in the Netherlands. Where do you find these then? We have listed the 8 most unique natural swimming pools in the world. Don’t forget your swimsuit!

1. Havasu Falls

These falls are located in Arizona in the United States. The water falls from about 40 meters down and takes on different colors throughout the year. This mineral-rich water occasionally turns green, blue and clear turquoise. In the vicinity of the Havasu Falls are several natural pools where you can swim!

2. Little River Canyon

This gigantic natural pool is also located in the United States. The Little River Canyon is located in Alabama and, contrary to what the name suggests, is not that small at all. This lake is no less than 19 kilometers long and is surrounded by rugged rocks that you can jump from. The Little River Canyon is considered one of the cleanest water sources in the United States!


3. Fairy Pools

These magical lakes are located on the Isle of Skye (Scotland). These beautiful lakes are located at the foot of the black Cuillins mountains and the water has a beautiful blue-pink color. You can swim great here, but don’t let the warm color of the water fool you. After all, you are in Scotland, the water is freezing!

4. Erawan Waterfalls

The Erawan National Park is located in Thailand and you will find several beautiful natural pools here. A staircase of no less than 7 waterfalls ends in a turquoise-blue lake where you can swim. You will also find beautiful caves around the water that you should definitely visit!

5. Devil’s Pool

The so-called Devil’s Pool is located on top of the impressive Victoria Falls in Zambia. This world famous swimming pool flows into a waterfall of no less than 110 meters high. This natural pool is therefore not for the faint of heart! Google in advance whether the Devil’s Pool is accessible… You can only swim here during the dry period (May to October).

6. The Blue Hole

Anyone who says you have to go to Jamaica just for the beautiful beaches has never heard of The Blue Hole. This unique natural pool is located in a cave and you can enjoy swimming here. Please note: the road to this natural pool is unpaved. So you will need a strong car.

7. Blue Lagoon

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This beautiful natural pool in Iceland is by far the most famous body of water in the world. Less than an hour’s drive from Reykjavik you will find the famous Blue Lagoon. You can enjoy swimming all year round in this thermal lake. The mineral-rich water has a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, even in winter!

8. I Kil

This breathtaking natural pool is located near Chichén Itzá in Mexico and is considered by many to be the most beautiful natural pool in the world. You really get the feeling here that you have entered another world. The lake is surrounded by rocks and the beautifully clear water in combination with the hanging vines provide a romantic picture. Swimming in Ik Kil will stay with you forever!