Men like practicality, so a man is always happy with a practical gift. Find something that really suits him or maybe even an addition to something he already owns, a protective case for his iPad such as a Galaxy Tab3 10.1 or an iPad Mini 2 case , a new set of headphones, speakers or a nice pen.

Gift tips for your friend: Clothing or accessories

Not every man likes to shop for clothes, but most men will surely appreciate it when they get something nice from you that they really use. Give him a nice sweater or shirt. There is also plenty to find in terms of accessories. Give him a nice cap in the summer or a stylish, warm scarf or hat in the winter. A watch, new wallet or sunglasses are also nice to give.

A dinner

The love of the man! Right, all men like to eat. Take him to an attractive restaurant or, even better, cook extensively yourself and make his favorite dish.

A day out

Take a day out together, but pick out something he really likes and doesn’t normally get the chance to do. There are a lot of original days out on which you can put your friend in the center; a wine tasting, a day of driving in a luxury car, mountain biking, racing on a circuit and a cooking workshop are great days out for him!