Okay. We are not serious globetrotters, so we are going to London, perhaps very boring for some of you. But oh, oh, oh, I’m looking forward to it. The hotel room and flight are booked, and I’m all ready for take-off. I did ‘learn’ a few things from our week in Paris, so this is what I take with me. In any case then. Of course you understand that the following is not everything.

A good bag

Because yes, I had packed half my suitcase with all those Sex And The City-esque clutches. Completely on trend of course, but so impractical. Paris is so busy and the subways are so full. I really never felt unsafe for a moment, but a clutch that you carry in your hand, well, then you are just a very easy object for people who have it on your wallet. So I’ll bring a good bag. Oh yeah, and of course I want to buy one of those too. heh. (Cause I already have enough handbags. Said no girl ever).


And let’s hope I’m going to need it there. So that I can skip perky through the streets of London with sunglasses on my head instead of an umbrella over my head. I love those really big glasses. Which lets you sort of go undercover. Because even if you really have an off-day, it doesn’t really matter, because those glasses are so big that half your face fits underneath and then everyone only sees those glasses. Here you will find cool sunglasses from Ray ban, for example. Totally my thing, because they are big, bigger, biggest.

A power bank

Because yes, I said it recently, I still walk around with a fossil as a telephone, but I just can’t part with it (yet). As long as he’s still doing it, he’s doing it. But the point is that the battery runs out faster. So I have now completely discovered the power bank. Can not miss.


See also point two. Help me hope I’m going to need these. We have booked for the end of May, so you should expect some rays of sunshine, right? The new Filorga sun products are currently my favorite. I especially recommend the UV bronze mist. This is a sun protection with SPF50 that can be sprayed over your make-up. Truly a genius discovery. The bottle is also very practical, because 60 ml., so it not only takes up hardly any space in your suitcase, but also fits perfectly in your handbag. Unless you have a SATC-like clutch with you. Or, oh no, I wouldn’t take that one anyway.