Hiking is more popular than ever before – and a good hike often requires the right hiking equipment . With the recent development of coronavirus in Denmark, it is expected that even more people will go on walks, tent trips and generally on outdoor holidays in Denmark. In addition, travel and holidays to the Nordic countries are also expected to increase. 

Norway, Sweden and Iceland’s fantastic nature is known to many Danes. But Denmark in particular is often overlooked as being flat and boring. 

In this article, we go through some of the considerations one should have when choosing hiking gear for one’s trip. These considerations are almost universal, and thus apply both whether you are a first-time buyer who is going on his first trip or you are a seasoned outdoor person.

Guide to hiking equipment - Highlands
When you are hiking, there are many cool routes both in Denmark and abroad.

Choice of hiking backpack

The two things you should keep in mind when choosing hiking equipment are your hiking backpack and hiking boots. When choosing your hiking backpack, the overriding most important thing is that the hiking backpack should distribute your weight from your back and shoulder down to your legs. Your legs will always be stronger than your back. In addition, you need to consider how technical your backpack should be, ie. how many properties, straps and strapping options the hiking backpack should have. Then you should of course consider the design of the backpack, as your backpack will be a hiking companion for many years to come. And finally, you need to take your budget into consideration.

Four great deals on hiking backpacks

Hiking boots for the trip

No matter what type of trip you are going on, hiking boots are one of the most important remedies to have with you. A good pair of hiking boots can thus be worth its weight in gold and it is part of your hiking equipment you need to have in place on longer treks. Wearing bad shoes during the hike can lead to blisters and even injuries if you have to walk on uneven terrain. We therefore recommend that you consider the following:

  1. The terrain you need to walk in
  2. The climate you need to walk in (heat causes your foot to rise half a size)
  3. The length of your trips (everyday or long multi-day trek)
  4. The weight of your hiking boot
  5. Price / budget

The terrain of course has a lot to say in relation to the type of hiking boot you should use. If you go on more established hiking routes, such as the camino ( read more about the camino here ), you can settle for less than if you walk off-road terrain. If you go on established routes, you can advantageously choose a slightly lighter boot, such as a Trespass Finley low-cut for men or a Trespass Mitzi low-cut for women . These hiking boots also take up less space in your backpack during backpacking trips.

With hiking boots on uneven terrain

If you have to walk in very uneven terrain, you can advantageously choose a hiking boot with a “high edge”. This could be, for example, a Trespass Finley for men or a Trespass Mitzi for women . These types of hiking boots with a “high cut” are good if you walk with a lot of packing in your backpack and walk on challenging or uneven terrain.

In addition, you should also take the weight of the hiking boot into your considerations. If you need to go for very long walks, or you are looking for the most lightweight setup, then you should consider finding a lightweight boot. Here, for example, a high-cut DLX hiking boot can be a good offer.

In addition, the climate also plays a role in your choice of hiking boots. If you go hiking in hot climates, then you should think more about having a pair of breathable boots. If you are going for walks in Denmark, for example, you can prepare for rain showers if it is in the spring or autumn. Therefore, choose a hiking boot that is water-repellent.

Sleeping bag for hiking and trekking

If you are going to spend the night in nature, you need a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is therefore an essential part of your hiking equipment. When you choose the sleeping bag, you should e.g. consider:

  • Type of sleeping bag
  • Weight
  • Package volume
  • Temperature indication
  • Taken

Sleeping bags are basically unisex. There is therefore no reason to choose a female or male sleeping bag as the “type” of sleeping bag. However, we recommend that you consider your trip when considering the type of sleeping bag. Is it getting cold? Is it a summer evening? This has an effect on the temperature, also called comfort temperature, from which you have to choose a sleeping bag. This is also called seasons where 1 season is a summer sleeping bag and a 4 season sleeping bag is a winter sleeping bag. You can read more about comfort temperature etc. in our in-depth article on sleeping bags at the link here.

In addition, you need to consider the weight of your sleeping bag as well as the package volume. Package volume refers to the package size, and since almost all sleeping bags come with a compression bag, this will mean that you can pack your sleeping bag together so that it takes up as little space as possible.

Below are three good suggestions for sleeping bags for the hike.

Hiking poles for hiking

Whether you need a hiking pole differs from person to person, but for many it is a fixed part of their hiking equipment. For some, it can help a lot with the stabilization on uneven terrain, or if you have previous injuries.

When choosing your walking stick, it is important that it is adjustable, made of a hard-wearing material and that it is lightweight.

English Yellowstone has made a pair of adjustable walking sticks in their Peak model for only 199, -. See the hiking poles here.

Cookware and storm kitchens for the hike

If you are going hiking and would like to cook out in nature, there are several options. The most popular option is Swedish Trangia and their storm kitchens. Swedish Trangia is for many synonymous with outdoor and backpacking. See our selection of Trangia sets here.

In addition, there are also compact burners, the so-called flash cookers. A flash burns a quick burner, which means it can heat water up for soup, casserole or just hot tea incredibly fast.

Fastboil - 1.1.  liter - Flash stove
Fastboil 2 from Scottish Highlander is a quick burner that can cook or hot drinks on the go in no time. .

Good advice for an even better hike – also your first trip

As mentioned in the intro, we expect that in 2020 and 2021, significantly more people will go hiking in Denmark and the Nordic countries. If this is one of your first hikes, start with how long you want to be away. Often a day trip is enough for first time hikers.

Consider your fitness level

When planning your first hike, take your current fitness level into consideration. Especially the first time you hike, you need to make an honest consideration about your current shape so that you do not plan a too long and exhausting route – and thus do not enjoy the trip and the view.

Examine the climate where the trip is going

Remember the climate when you travel. Check the weather forecast. If the weather is cold, adjust with proper clothing. For example, it is a good idea to bring rainwear with you for safety reasons – where folding rainwear is always good to have in your bag. In addition, we recommend that you use a packing list to make sure you have it all with you. See our bid for an adventure package list here .