New Zealand is a country of extremes. You can ski, view geysers, but also sunbathe on beautiful beaches. In addition, there are interesting cities and you can learn more about the Maori culture. There is plenty to do! These are the top eight places to visit in New Zealand.

1. Whale watching in Kaikoura

Kaikoura is a picturesque seaside town in New Zealand that is known for the number of special sea creatures that you can see here. Seals, whales and dolphins live here in the Pacific Ocean. There are several ways to spot whales here. Join a cruise, or go on a helicopter tour

2. Dig your own hot pool

Hot water beach on the Coromandel Peninsula is so called because you can dig your own warm bath here at the right times. A river with hot water flows underground and rises up at the beach. Add a little seawater and you have the perfect temperature for a nice bath. The beach is also very beautiful to see. It is a beautiful long white beach with rocks on both sides.



3. Cruise through the Milford Sounds

The Milford Sounds is also called the eighth wonder of the world and rightly so because the famous fjord is particularly beautiful. The fjord is dotted with high rocks with often snow on the tops and has a mysterious atmosphere. There are waterfalls and dolphins are regularly spotted. You can visit the Milford Sounds with a boat tour or with a canoe.

milford sounds new zealand

4. Visit the “Shire”

Located on the North Island close to a small village called Matamata is another village, namely Hobbittown! As a true Lord of the Rings fan, you should not miss this. The real film set for the Lord of the Ring has been here, but it has broken down after use. But Hobbittown has been rebuilt after this and it’s like you’ve ended up here in the heart of the Shire

5. Watch the glowworms in Waitomo caves

Sailing through a cave full of small twinkling lights, it can hardly get more magical. Glowworms can be found in different places in New Zealand. But the number in the Waitomo caves is very large and the limestone caves themselves are also beautiful.

waitomo caves new zealand

6. Visit the Geothermal Park in Rotorua

The city of Rotorua smells like rotten eggs. The reason for this is the sulfur that is released here from the many geysers and geothermal baths. But despite the unpleasant smell, a visit to Rotorua is worthwhile. Because this is one of the few places in the world where you can see geysers and geothermal baths. There are also a number of hot springs nearby where you can take a bath yourself.

7. Marvel at the Frans Josef & Fox Glacier

On the west coast of the South Island are two large impressive glaciers. You can view both from a distance, but if you want to see the glaciers a little closer, you can also book a tour where you walk over the glaciers, or fly a helicopter over the glaciers.

8. Go kayaking in Abel Tasman National Park

Beautiful blue water, yellow stretches of beaches and wild jungle. That is the nature of the Abel Tasman National Park. You can take walks here, but another way to discover this beautiful part of New Zealand is by kayak. You also have the chance to encounter a seal!