Perhaps you’ve only watched breathlessly as others took the plunge. Perhaps you have already experienced that unforgettable experience yourself. Are you curious about the highest bungee jump in the world? In any case, you should not be afraid of heights and be a real daredevil to make these jumps. Once you know you have ‘it’ in you, it is of course a challenge to go bungee jumping in the most beautiful places in the world.

We have listed some of the highest bungee jumps in the world for you. Of course it is not only about the height itself, but also about the experience of the beautiful surroundings that you get to see.

Bloukrans Brigde, South Africa

Why would you start modestly. At 216 meters this spong of the Bloukrans bridge is currently the highest bungee jump in the world of a bridge that you can make. A visit to South Africa is of course always a special experience. Most holidaymakers choose to drive over the Bloukrans with a car as an excursion because the view is phenomenal. Then you can imagine what it must feel like to make that huge jump of 216 meters here. Make sure you’ve made a big jump before because it would be a shame to have to drop out at the last minute.


Nevis Highwire, New Zealand

Bungee Jump New Zealand

New Zealand isn’t exactly next door either, and you’ll also need to take a 35-minute drive to reach this location initially. But you get New Zealand’s highest bungee jump as a reward. Here you jump into a set that resembles the environments seen in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies. You will experience a free fall of 8.5 seconds over the Nevis River in Queenstown.

Europabrucke, Austria

When it comes to the highest bungee jump in Europe, it makes sense to look for mountainous regions. If you go on winter sports and take the Brenner Autobahn, you will pass an exit where you can make this jump of 192 meters. The Alps provide a beautiful backdrop when you experience that enormous rush of free fall for 10 seconds. Do you keep your eyes open to admire the surroundings? Otherwise you should definitely give it another try. Many bungee jumpers think this is the most beautiful jump you can make in all of Europe.

Niouc, Switzerland

Bungee Jump Switzerland

To make this jump you have to walk quite a bit, because you have to park the car quite a distance from this huge bridge. But it is worth braving the 190 meters that you are offered here. The environment is beautifully Swiss. One of the most special experiences at this point is jumping above the earth. You will see the rock bottom coming towards you at lightning speed. Are you ready for that adrenaline rush?

Chiang Mai, Thailand

You can go bungee jumping in almost all well-known holiday areas these days, especially in Thailand, Chang Mai is highly recommended. Perhaps this jump is not as spectacular in height as the jumps mentioned above, as it is about 50 meters in total. But in the seconds of free fall you experience here, you see the incredibly green jungle coming towards you. Bungee jumping in Thailand is very commercial. So don’t be surprised if you get a spontaneous push in the back when you doubt too long.

Lloret del Mar, Spain

Have you had enough of the sun, sea and beach and are you looking for a bit of sensation? That is also possible in Lloret. Here there are few natural objects that you can jump off. But that has been solved by using a huge crane. It is an extra experience to first be hoisted 80 meters in a container with elastic around your legs when you realize that there is only one way back: jumping.

Hersonissos, Greece

Bungee Jump Greece

Starbeach is without a doubt the hippest locations in Europe for the younger holidaymaker today. In the evening you will find everyone in the most popular discotheques in all of Crete. But during the day you can bungee jump to your heart’s content in this beautiful water park. The thrill is, of course, to take the plunge tens of meters above that blue world of the water park at a height that no real diver will imitate.

Ardennes, Belgium

If you go on holiday in the Ardennes , a visit to the Terraltitude Adventure Park is certainly an excellent choice. Of course you can bungee jump from a height of many tens of meters. But this park also has many other attractions that will appeal to thrill seekers. For example, try the cable car. And did you know that you can practice here on the Free Jump as it is done by stuntmen?

Bungee Jumping in Belgium

As in other locations, in Belgium, in general, a crane must be used to make a bungee jump possible. The maximum height that is applied here in Belgium with jumping is about 60 meters. Of course that is still an incredible experience, especially when you are at the beginning of your career as a jumper. Ask the specialists in this field where the cranes are set up when you visit

Bungee Jumping in Germany

Bungee jump Scheveningen

In Bavaria they feel that everything is better with them than in the rest of Germany. In any case, you can make spectacular jumps if you like bungee jumping. There are some fixed locations, but the really high jumps are done using cranes. So inquire before you go that way.

Bungee jumping in the Netherlands

Of course you don’t have to travel thousands of kilometers to make a nice jump. This is also possible in the Netherlands. How about Scheveningen. Thanks to a crane on top of the tower on the pier you reach a height of 60 meters. And who would dare to say that the view is less beautiful than elsewhere?