Congratulations! If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably just married or about to get married soon. And after your blast, it’s time to enjoy a well-deserved vacation together, or your honeymoon! In this blog I give tips for the most beautiful romantic holiday destinations.

Honeymoon Destinations

Sun, sea and beach

The most popular honeymoon destinations are those where you will find sun, sea and beaches . Sunbathe and swim all day long and enjoy the sunset with a cocktail in the evening. It doesn’t get more romantic! These are three romantic honeymoon destinations by the sea.


Bali is a perfect dream destination for your honeymoon. You will find beautiful pearly white beaches and very nice resorts. Here you can completely relax together with massages, days on the beach and delicious food. You can also snorkel very well around the island and take beautiful walks through the rice fields. Or how about a surf lesson or a dolphin tour? It is not for nothing that Bali remains one of the most popular honeymoon destinations.


This beautiful Greek island has beautiful small beaches that are hidden in one of the many bays that the island has. The water is turquoise blue and the beach stark white, in other words a beautiful picture! But the island also offers an interesting culture and special sights such as ancient archaeological excavations. In one of the many restaurants you can eat delicious meze or other Greek specialties. There are beautiful luxury hotels and resorts on Crete where you will be pampered.


The Maldives is located off the coast of Sri Lanka and is an archipelago of 1200 different islands. Only 200 of these islands are inhabited, on which you can find 80 different, especially luxurious resorts and hotels. The Maldives are the ultimate destination for a luxury beach holiday. Many resorts have private cottages that are right on the sea. If you are diving or snorkelling enthusiasts you will love it here. Because the coral around the islands is very beautiful and colorful. If you have time to spare, you can also combine the Maldives with Sri Lanka or India.

Honeymoon Destinations


Touring a country together in rental cars and looking for all the quiet places to camp. That’s romantic isn’t it? These three countries are great destination for a road trip.


Follow the well-known route 66, or one of the other beautiful routes through the United States. Along the way there are many beautiful national parks to visit. If you pass by Las Vegas you can redo your wedding, but with Elvis as the official! The United States has a very diverse landscape and many special places to discover and is therefore a perfect destination for a road trip.

New Zealand

This country on the other side of the world is very special. With its low number of inhabitants and above all beautiful varied nature, it is a perfect country to explore by car. Huge jungles, white glacier, high mountains, dry desert, bounty beaches and green hills, you will find it all in New Zealand. Campsites can be found throughout the country where you can spend the night. In the evening you can enjoy the impressive starry sky together.


Sweden is closer to home. Also in this country you have beautiful nature and the most beautiful views. The country has thousands of different lakes, a lot of forest and a rugged coast. In summer it is especially a nice destination because it stays light for so long and the temperature is pleasant. It is also wonderfully quiet on the Swedish roads and all this together makes Sweden a great destination for a romantic road trip. If you really want to take a road trip you will need a car, so you can rent a car from Discover Cars.

Honeymoon Destinations

Romantic Cities

Do you prefer cities? Very understandable! There are many romantic cities where you can stroll through, but also see interesting cultural things and enjoy the nightlife.


We wrote about how romantic Lisbon is before. The capital of Portugal has many small streets, romantic buildings and many authentic small restaurants. The nearby village of Sitra is also highly recommended as a day trip. Do you want to visit the beach? Within an hour’s travel are several beautiful beaches. There are many small romantic hotels in Lisbon where you can spend the night.


Sailing through the Venice together in a gondola, could it be more romantic? The mysterious city has many romantic streets and buildings. In the evening you can enjoy good Italian wine and delicious Italian cuisine together. There are good luxury hotels in Venice with beautiful rooms and good service. Venice is definitely in our top romantic holiday destinations.


Another European city that is just as romantic is Prague. The bohemian city has beautiful architecture and seems to come out of a fairy tale. It’s also a nice winter destination if you don’t like the heat. Then you can take long walks through the city and relax with a warm Svařák. Prague is also a relatively cheap destination and therefore perfect for those on a tighter budget.