Hangover kit may be a bit American, but we have gradually taken some of the American traditions with us, so why not go all-in on this one as well. I think it’s mega cozy that I can be allowed to pamper my guests with the perfect hangover kit – I love it!

After the party we had, it was also strictly necessary, with a luxury hangover kit the next day, hah.

The perfect Hangover kit

It is of course taste and pleasure what one prefers in such a hangover kit and there is also something called budget which also plays a significant role in what one can get in such a kit.

I am so happy that so much family and so many of our friends, would celebrate this very special day with us. So why save on a pampering of them?

I love going on bargain hunts! If I lived in the US, I would have been part of that program that once – maybe still, runs on TLC “Extreme Couponing”. I’m simply so fascinated by how crazy much they can get for no money, hah.

Wow, that was just a little side note – then you also got to know me a little better, hih.

I had made a long list of things I would like in our hangover kits. That was not all I could find, but I got my hands on the most important thing and help from a friend who shopped for me at the border in Germany – hallelujah for good friends.

Now you have probably become quite curious about what our hangover kits contain, so here is the list:
– Coca Cola
– Tic Tac lozenges
– Kim’s chips
– Peanuts
– Penguin HitMix
– Snickers, Mars or Twix chocolate
– 2-pack chocolate frogs
– Gift card of DKK 20 for Mac’D
– Homemade box with 2 pcs Panodiler
– 2 pcs condoms + 2 pcs sample packs lube

hangover kit as a place card

I had made it so that all the hangover kits were our guests’ table cards. Some of the bags, there had been a little extra of something something in, as these people have somehow helped us with the preparations for the wedding.

The old, ie best parents or other guests who may not have quite the same flat humor as us, got instead condoms and lube, coffee or tea in their hangover kits. Some also had their sodas replaced with spring water, etc.

That way, all the hangover kits were somehow, customized and personalized, for each and every one of our guests.

In addition, a cute little greeting was included in each hangover kit.

Hangover kit

The hangover kit was a huge success!