There has gradually been a little more control over the wedding, which should probably also be the case at the moment, because before we get to look around, it is October 26, where it all goes down.

Wedding invitation

The plan was that the invitations should have been out in the month of May, it was then pushed to June, subsequently to July and when we hit August, the stress showed up in earnest and the invitations came out – at long last.

The only reason they could not leave as planned was that we simply could not agree on where we wanted to be married. We will not be married in a church, we will be married by my old swimming friend who is a priest, we will also be married indoors, as the weather is totally unpredictable at the end of October and besides that, I also had slightly different requirements for how the place should be look, and and and, then it should also preferably be in Copenhagen, as the party is held in the city.

As you may sense, the list of requirements was long and the supply that matched just a fraction of the requirements was minimal. So when we finally found the dream place at the end of July, got the contract signed in early August and paid the deposit, it was as if a huge burden was falling from my shoulders – I could breathe a sigh of relief. Finally, the invitations that I have been working on for so long could come out.

Wedding invitation - own design

The invitations turned out exactly as I had dreamed! I have been so lucky that R has been involved in the whole process, so everything from text to the smallest detail with gold-colored clips is carefully chosen by both of us and therefore not just me.

The flowers and the colors of the flowers on the invitations, will match my bridal bouquet, the color of my shoes, the flowers on the tables in the premises, the color of the fabric that will surround us during the ceremony, etc. Maybe I have thought a little too much about the details, but I LOVE when there is a common thread throughout.

Just call me crazy, hih!

homemade wedding invitations