The German capital is a place where you cannot get bored. There is so much to do! There are more than a hundred museums, many special sights, countless shops, beautiful parks, good restaurants and trendy clubs. Are you going to the eastern neighbors soon and you don’t know what to do in Berlin yet? These are cool things to do in the city.

Things to Do in Berlin

Berlin’s Best Museums

There are many museums in Berlin. There are mainly museums about the rich history of Germany and Berlin and about art and design.

Museums of German history

The German History Museum

This museum covers almost the entire history of Germany. From the Germanic peoples to the reunification after the fall of the wall. The museum is located in a beautiful building, the Zeughaus, and is definitely worth a visit.

Sachsenhausen Memorial

When I was 15 years old I visited this former concentration camp during a school trip and it made a big impression on me. More than 200,000 people were imprisoned in this concentration camp during the Second World War. It is very impressive to see with your own eyes what the dire conditions were in this concentration camp. Please note that the camp is located 30 kilometers north of Berlin.

jewish museum

Because the history of the Jewish people and Germany are inextricably linked, this museum is also part of this list. The museum focuses on the Second World War, with the impressive Holocaust monuments in particular making a great impression.


Art Museums in Berlin

The Bauhaus Archive

Learn all about the world-famous German school of art, design, architecture and photography in the Baushaus Archiv. The extensive collection takes you through the history of this influential design movement.

C/O Berlin

This highly acclaimed photography museum is a must for any photography fan. The exhibitions change regularly and show work by well-known photographers as well as emerging talent. There are also regular lectures, workshops and guided tours to exhibitions.


This was once a museum of arts and crafts, but is now a very popular museum of contemporary art. The museum does not have its own collection, but constantly changing exhibitions. The red building itself stands out, it is built in the style of the Italian Renaissance. The museum is close to Checkpoint Charlie.

The Museum Island

There is a true museum island in Berlin. Here you will find five historical art museums. The museums mainly focus on older art. The entire island is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The museums you will find here are the Alte National Gallery , the Altes Museum, the Bode Museum, the Neues Museum and the Pergamon Museum.


What should you see in Berlin?

The Reichstag

Things to Do in Berlin

This parliament building dates from 1872 but was heavily damaged in the Second World War. After the war, the famous glass dome was added to the building. You can visit the roof of the Reichstag .


Checkpoint Charlie

This was the former border crossing between West Berlin and East Berlin. It was the only option for foreigners to cross the border into East Berlin. After the fall of the wall, the checkpoint was destroyed, but now there is a replica of the border post where you can take a photo for a fee.


The Berlin wall

Pieces of the Berlin Wall are still visible in some places. The longest part is at the Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer. You can visit this place for free. The documentation center next door is also very interesting.


The Brandenburg Gate

Things to Do in Berlin

This was originally one of the gateways to the city, but during the time of the Berlin Wall it was just across the border between East and West Berlin. After the fall of the wall, the Brandenburg Gate became the toe of a united Germany. The gate dates from the eighteenth century and is built in Greek style.

The Holocaust Memorial

Things to Do in Berlin

This impressive memorial commemorates the six million Jews who died during the Holocaust. The monument consists of 2711 large concrete blocks of varying sizes. With this, the architect Eisenman wanted to create a feeling of instability and uncertainty. The monument is close to the Brandenburg Gate.

What is there to do in Berlin?

go underground

Take a tour with Berliner Underwerten. This organization takes you to the underground world of Berlin. They show you where there were hiding places in subway tunnels and to escape routes and bunkers from WWII. You come to all kinds of places where you normally are not allowed.


Berlin is world famous for its clubs and nightlife. It is also the techno capital of the world and there are all kinds of exclusive clubs with a strict door policy. You won’t find clubs like in Berlin anywhere else. The most infamous club is Berghain where you can dance for hours to the best techno. At least when you enter, because that often doesn’t work than it does. Therefore, check in advance the tips on the internet for the club you want to go to.