Christmas gifts that really suit people!

Make lists and pick out gifts. Every year we make frantic attempts to come out as original as possible and we sit at least once with an ugly gift on our lap and nod frantically that we are really, really very happy with it. ‘Exactly what you wanted’, ‘you had always been looking for this’. But there must be another way, right? So I’ll give you great tips to find Christmas presents that really suit people.

A new phase in someone’s life

Young or old. We all go through phases in our lives all the time. These can be difficult phases, in which sad or painful things happen. People get sick, have to undergo an operation, for example, relationships break down. But of course there are also fun phases; new people come into someone’s life, a new job, a different house, someone faces new challenges. Think about these phases when you’re looking for a Christmas present for someone. Maybe you can find something that suits the new phase of your best friend, your sister or your aunt? A hat, nice gloves or a bicycle basket for your girlfriend who has a new job and now goes to work by bicycle or a nice new pen or work bag for your husband who has changed jobs? A subscription to Netflix or a magazine or a nice pair of pajamas for your aunt who has to undergo major surgery next year and therefore has to recover at home for a while?

Reflect on special events of the past year with your Christmas gifts

Moved, new job, new relationship, pregnant, engaged, in love, married, a pet? All special events in someone’s life that may also give you inspiration when choosing a nice Christmas present. Give a photo frame to a newly married couple in which they can put a beautiful wedding photo. An engagement shoot or a beautiful book in which a wedding can be planned for those two who have just announced their engagement. A stack of inspiring home magazines, a small tree for the garden, or a screwdriver set for a colleague who has finally bought her own house. A sweet doll pram or timeless wooden toysfor the couple who just announced their pregnancy. And if you thought that toy stores only sell children’s toys, you’re wrong! Because how about a fun board game that you can play with your sweetheart on a drizzly Sunday afternoon? A perfect gift if you intend to spend more time together, of course. And speaking of special events. For example, is your niece or nephew going to nursery for the first time next year? Even then you can go to online toy stores such as Lobbes for a whole range of fun and educational children’s toys. And does someone close to you have a new pet? Dogs and cats also love toys. A nice dog or cat toy or a nice soft blanket for these proud pet owners is a super nice gift. By the way, my sister gave me a Christmas ornament in the shape of a dog; “Doggy’s First Christmas”. Well, then of course you could carry me away.

pomeranian with christmas gifts

Give Christmas gifts for hobbies or collections

Everyone has a hobby. Something someone does when not at work, something someone does in his or her spare time. I think you can come up with a nice gift for every hobby. Just some examples; a cookbook for your mother-in-law who loves to cook, or a cookbook stand, beautiful kitchen utensils, a trendy kitchen apron or a pan. My sister who is super creative and loves to tinker, we gave an online scrapbooking workshop. Help your father expand his collection of autographs, photography or records. Add a Blu-ray to your friend, husband or roommate’s collection. Or a plant for your friend with green fingers. And do you think someone really has no hobbies? Well, Netflix is ​​also a hobby, so give that person some nice Netflix pants, for example,

Give something someone would never buy for themselves

Aluxury product is of course very relative. Luxury certainly does not (always) have to do with expensive. Something luxurious to me is something that I don’t just buy, or just buy for myself, so something like that can make a perfect Christmas gift. Again some examples; a nice bottle of drink for your best friend, a scented candle or a delicious body lotion from a special brand for your girlfriend, a traditional cheese, jam or other delicacies from the delicatessen in your city for the gourmets in your family.

Go help someone or do something together

It also happens that people very emphatically indicate that they do not want Christmas gifts. Respect that, because there can be many reasons for that. Don’t you like to be really emtpy-handed When you arrive, get creative and make your own ‘voucher’ for dinner, an evening of ‘wine’ or to the cinema. You can also create a voucher that offers your help, in any form, to that person! Maybe your neighbor is moving in January, your parents are refurbishing the hall or your friend is really eager to upgrade her own website. These are things where your help might really come in handy. Offer them your help as a gift. You see it; choosing a Christmas present doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think and certainly not always ‘expensive’. Hopefully I was able to give you some inspiration for this year!