About 200 kilometers from the French Riviera, the French island of Corsica sits prominently in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The varied landscapes, historical monuments, beautiful beaches and charming villages, make this island the ideal holiday destination. 

1. Ajaccio

The port of Ajaccio with moored yachts and pleasure boats, Corsica island, France
From haven van Ajaccio, Corsica

Surrounded by rugged mountains, the elegant and beautiful town of Ajaccio is known for its welcoming traditions. The bay is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe and is therefore photographed by many tourists.

Walking through the narrow streets of the city, you will discover the main Ajaccio sights. Such as the Napoleonic heritage, interesting museums, the colorful harbor, and a daily local market where you can taste typical dishes. The area in which Ajaccio is located is also truly a paradise. You can hike, mountain bike, kayak, climb and much more here! Put all these Ajaccio sights on your list and you will be surprised by its unique charm.

2. Cap Corse

Sunset over popular tourist destination Torra di a Parata with Genoese Tower and archipelago of Sanguinaires Islands in the background.  Location: Corse-du-Sud, municipality of Ajaccio, Corsica, France, Europe
Sunset over the Cap Corse

This certainly belongs in the list of “highlights of Corsica”, and should therefore not be skipped during a visit to the island. The Cap Corse is an enchanting peninsula with a rich history that can be seen and felt everywhere. The rocky setting of Cap Corse gives visitors access to some exceptionally beautiful and unspoilt stretches of coast.

Discover the prettiest villages built on high cliffs, secluded coves and coves, small fishing ports and pristine beaches. On Cap Corse you can take hours of coastal walks, or choose an inland route surrounded by lemon groves and vineyards. Sound like a fairytale? That’s how it immediately feels when you set foot on this beautiful piece of Corsica. There are also various tours that can be booked to Cap Corse.

3. Calvi

Aerial view of Calvi, Corsica, France
View over Calvi, Corsica

The medieval town of Calvi Corsica, situated on a crescent-shaped bay surrounded by a beautiful beach, is steeped in history. The locals even claim that Christopher Columbus was born here! The majestic citadel guards the city in all its glory, and can be climbed by entering winding cobbled streets. The view from above is breathtaking!

Calvi has everything you are looking for in a wonderful holiday destination. There are plenty of great places to eat, cute squares with terraces, a beautiful harbor, and plenty of opportunities to get out into nature. Looking for inspiration for fun day trips from Calvi? Then view this tour .

4. Bastia

Fishing boats in Bastia harbor on sunny summer day, Corsica island, France
The beautiful fishing port of Bastia

This is the second largest city in Corsica, and is located on the east coast of the island, overlooking Italy and the Tuscan archipelago.

Bastia is often overlooked because it is perhaps a little less historic and picturesque than other places in Corsica. But precisely because of this, the city is not yet overrun by tourists, and you can experience the Corsican way of life as the best. The locals go their own way and give you complete freedom to discover the city.

The Place St. Nicolas is full of cozy cafes, and offers a nice view of the harbor of the town. The city also has many baroque churches, a citadel, and beautiful old houses overlooking the sea. 


5. Porto Vecchio

Aerial view of the old town of Porto-Vecchio, Corsica, France.
Aerial view of the old town of Porto Vecchio

Porto Vecchio is a picturesque harbor town in South Corsica and certainly belongs in the top 10 of most beautiful sights. It is dominated by the walls of a 16th century citadel, which offers a nice view over the marina.

Along the narrow streets of the old center are cozy shops, bars and restaurants, and the central square Place de la République is surrounded by terraces. Near Porto, Corsica, there are beautiful beaches such as Palombaggia and Santa Giulia. Take a stroll along the promenade at sunset, and eat freshly caught fish in one of the harborside restaurants. Yum! It is also nice to book a city tour in Porto Vecchio.

6. Cut

The citadel of the mountain village of Corte, Corsica, built on a high rock.  Mountains in the background and a clear blue sky.
The citadel of the mountain village of Corte, Corsica

Corte was once the capital of Corsica, and its great atmosphere is enhanced by the green mountain landscape that surrounds it.

Since the reopening of the University of Corte in the 1980s, the city has flourished. Today you will find plenty of terraces, bars, shops and restaurants where you can relax after a day of hiking in the rugged granite mountains. The old center is a maze of narrow, cobbled streets, which provide the necessary cooling in the hot summer months. You will immediately be enchanted by the charm of this beautiful town in the interior of Corsica as soon as you enter!

7. Bonifacio

Seascape of Bonifacio - Corsica - France.  Blue sky up there.
Seascape of beautiful Bonifacio

The bustling medieval port town of Bonifacio is located at the southernmost tip of Corsica, and like many other towns on the island, it has an impressive citadel. The town is built on a high limestone cliff, and everywhere you walk you will be treated to the most breathtaking views!


Bonifacio has plenty of beautiful sights, beautiful cobbled alleys, and a coastline that glistens with azure waters. Truly a dream destination! From the town you are on the Italian island of Sardinia in no time , and if you have enough time it is definitely recommended to spend a day or a few days here. It gives you the best of both worlds.

8. Bouches de Bonifacio Nature Reserve

Corsica: the breathtaking white limestone cliffs of Bonifacio in the International Bouches de Bonifacio marine park, nature reserve created in 1993, overlooking the Cape Pertusato lighthouse
Limestone cliffs in the nature reserve des Bouches, Corsica

This magical nature reserve is home to exceptional landscapes with no fewer than 16 different ecosystems. This includes the open sea where you can often see large dolphins and sea turtles swimming, numerous water birds, grasslands, large creeks and shallow bays, caves, lagoons, dunes, cliffs and sandy beaches. So too many to mention! Spend a full day or a few days in this enchanting and unique environment, and completely unwind.

9. Forest of Valdo Niello

Tall eucalyptus trees in a forest in Corsica, France.  Photo was taken from below.  Clear blue sky.
Eucalyptus trees in the Valdo Niello forest

The vast forest of Valdu Niellu is a forest massif in central Corsica. It is full of pine trees that can grow up to 50 meters high and leave their wonderful scent everywhere. Outside of pine trees, the forest is home to a variety of plants, as well as bird species.


10. Filitosa

Menhir Filitosa - one of the many statues in the prehistoric complex Filitosa, Corsica.  Clear blue sky in the background.
Menhir Filitosa – one of the many statues in the prehistoric complex Filitosa

Filitosa is a fascinating archaeological site in southeastern Corsica, almost reminiscent of the majestic statues on Easter Island in Chile. This place was only excavated in 1948 and it is still not entirely clear who it belonged to. It remains one of the most enigmatic cultural sites in the Mediterranean. For anyone interested in culture and history, a visit to Filitosa is one of the better Corsica sights. So don’t miss it!