Canada is a perfect holiday destination for lovers of rugged nature, winter sports and special flora and fauna. The North American country is the second largest country in the world and is 240 times the size of the Netherlands. In addition, the country is relatively sparsely populated with 35 million friendly inhabitants. Enough space for the impressive high mountains, glaciers, lakes and gigantic forests. Do you want to go to Canada soon? Then these are some highlights not to be missed.

Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains Canada

This high mountain range in western Canada and the United States is huge. There are at least five different national parks located in the Rocky Mountains. You can choose from Yoho, Waterton Lakes (USA), Kootenay, Banff and Jasper National Parks . The nature here is beautiful, there are many mountains with snow-capped peaks and glaciers, vast lakes, wild rivers and waterfalls. You can also spot various wild animals such as deer, wolves and bears. In each park you can take beautiful walks, camp or climb mountains.



Toronto canada

In addition to all the peace and nature that you find in Canada, Toronto suddenly takes some getting used to. But you should definitely not miss this busy city with up to 3 million inhabitants. The city is located on Lake Ontario and is very multicultural. Visit the high CN tower for a great view of the city and eat in and from the good restaurants.



Vancouver Canada

Vancouver is a very relaxed city on the west coast of Canada. The city is often considered one of the most livable cities in the world. From the city you can also easily reach the Vancouver Island that lies off the coast. The Vancouver Island is 32,000 square kilometers in size and has a beautiful nature and many wild animals such as bears, wolves and pumas.


Niagara falls

These impressive waterfalls are located on the border with the United States. Fortunately, you can easily cross the border here with a visa for one day so that you can view the falls from both sides. Frankly, the falls are more impressive from the United States, so be sure to take that walk across the border. You already have a good view from the sides of the falls, but the best view is from “The Maid of the Mist”, a boat that brings you so close that you will be splashed wet.


Quebec provincie


Imagine yourself in a French atmosphere in the province of Quebec. Visit the atmospheric city of Montreal or the smaller and authentic Quebec with a beautiful old center . Don’t forget to eat “poutine” here. This dish is typical of Quebec and a real pride of the Canadians of this province.


On holiday to Canada

Would you like to discover Canada? Then apply for a  visa and go backpacking or on a road trip through the country. Don’t feel like arranging everything yourself? Then an organized tour through Canada is a great option.